The power of media is indisputable. We base our initiative on the very same principle. It is our strong belief that every revolution starts with a tiny thought, and through Subkculture, we make our first step towards refashioning unbiased and hard-hitting media. The power of words and truth is all we possess, and wield the same to transform your reading into an experience.

From plain, informative articles, to opiniated thought provoking excerpts, and heart-wrenching creative pieces, we have a lot in store for our readers. We are in a quest to discover the unseen, and explore the unknown, all through the medium of words and ideas.

With young writers hailing from diverse backgrounds, they put their heads together to pen down their honest, inquisitive and crude thoughts and opinions to deliver the best for our readers. We aim at exploiting our artistic freedom to the fullest, covering a wide variety of issues, ranging from politics to sports to entertainment. We identify our genre-less content as our biggest asset, for that bestows on the website the gift of versatility and liberates our writers from all boundaries and restrains.

With a powerful vision and small dreams, our budding writers put in their everything to make Subkculture a trustable source of information, and make every visit of yours worth it.

So let’s demystify  the ‘k’ with Subkculture!


Akanksha Mathur

The Newspaperwoman

Hey there! Can you see that girl with oversized frames and natural frown lines, who can be spotted in every heatedly good argument, which simply works as a magnificent workout for her brain. The one who needs to question everything and to give her opinion in every matter. And who is going to now pen down her buzzing ideas and thoughts on subkculture.
Well, guess what? That's me!

Chitransh Joshi

The Salesman of our Content

A stubborn and childish vocalist who is also the finest looking member of our team.
A little too narcissistic, he's a klutz who will only show up to annoy you. He claims to be 20 but doesn't quite seem there yet.
A little clumsy with his ways but he sure manages to gets what he wants.
His natural charm and charisma might even blind you for a second.

PS- He wrote this thing himself

Saurav Banerjee

The Website Mechanic

Ronaldo. Modric. Ramos. Real Madrid! These are his lifelines. Clearly, Saurav is one die hard football fan. One who cannot resist tapping his feet on Halsey's tunes or getting lost into Eminems's raps, he presents himself as the perfect picture of a budding writer. Talk about writing java codes or English verses, he got the flair for both.

Vaishnavi Agrawal

The Blue-Penciler

Carrying a soft spot for both art and artists, Vaishnavi happens to be a dreamer by day and writer by night. She is hopelessly romantic and a voracious foodie, rarest of its type.
Poetry, music and coffee are the three things she lives for.
She believes that we all are lost because we are free.

Vedanshi Mishra

The Pen Pusher

A movie enthusiast, a bibliophile and an ardent follower of Korean dramas. Talks more than she listens and sings even more. A radio in the age of ipods and polaroids in the age of digital. When no one is looking, found dreaming about RK and is always the most dogmatic one in the room. Fan of cliches and all things bollywood. Being a Literature graduate she believes in the power of Writing and Literature for dawning the darkest nights!


Bitthal Sharma

A football enthusiast, he's someone whose love for Real Madrid is unparalleled. He's also a bibliophile and an admirer of movies. TV shows and Anime constitute almost half of his life. He's also an avid fan of Pink Floyd and Oasis.

Vaibhavi Bhalerao

An avid reader of Indian writers. Musician trying to hold back the charm of classical music in the EDM world. Opnionated. Dreamer. A philosopher when not in need. An introvert who will pen down her thoughts through this platform. A mix of Joey and Rachel, but trying to be Phoebe. Busy fangirling Shantanu Maheshwari. A poet who writes once in a blue moon.

Mohammad Mishal

Currently dealing with the trauma of supporting Manchester United. Love quizzing, reading random news, r/me_irl, r/2meirl4meirl, and being overawed by how amazing some people are.

Gunjan Singh

A person with a child like heart, and a naive soul, Gunjan is an ardent follower of knowledge, a Science maniac and a law student, who is interested in reading anything and everything. She has a burning desire of perfection, yet finds her way through amidst imperfection. She believes in giving modern outlook to every issue round the globe and has a personality interwining chaos and simplicity. She abides by the phrase, ``I am like a universe, infinite in every direction and that's my choice``.