It is beautiful how sometimes, written, unwritten, said , unsaid words, all seamlessly turn avoidable for a while detaching, themselves from being perceivable or comprehensive and yet some missing hint is left behind for you to form an unknown connection with your deeper self. Connection that surpasses all the reasons and logic you had known earlier and yet make you feel alive. It is the connection to happiness, sheer happiness. Sitting alone on a couch at home, you are taken to the world of unknown pleasure where the frosty breeze near to the sea shore in twilight, impeccably passes across your ears, remarked by little coldness and a buoyant spirit. You feel like opening up your arms, your soul to the entire world to engross all of the goodness with you and keep it all closest possible. You either find everything around outlandishly amusing or overly filled with goodness. But how often do we experience it? Like everything else around, happiness mortal too? Can it be kept forever, tamed, or chased? Or is merely encircled by the ambiance we stay in?

Sometimes finding a reason for happiness is not reasonable enough, sometimes it’s just  about the feeling free, sometimes it’s impassiveness that brings an answer to you and sometimes you don’t need an answer and sometimes happiness is no different from feeling good.

Ironically, happiness is not question itself, but rather a “buried answer to every question we had been seeking an answer to; house, love, money, and kids. Everything has happiness ultimatum. Earning it is quite deceiving to what seems “practical” to us. But we sure can refrain ourselves from feeling bad to worse and look at the brighter side, if only we aspire to. The universal “law of attraction” is valid to every sphere of life. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts; one can bring about positive or negative results. So, we if master the art of monitoring our thoughts we can ardently control the results too. We often misinterpret that, the key to happiness is compelled by an epicurean life as a result of which spending time on love, sex, money, beauty seems indispensable to us but happiness is rather trickiest. For anyone without much money the ingredients of happiness come pretty cheap, the first ingredient that has the potency and an invariable tendency to bring happiness is “friends”. It is important to focus more on who we drink or eat with rather than what we drink or eat. Former ingredient is followed up by freedom, financial independence and economical self sufficiency is certainly a vital fuel for a peaceful and a content life. The third indispensable ingredient for a happy life is an “analysed life”. Our anxieties quickly diminish if we give ourselves time to think through, and to do that we have to take a step back from the noisy ambiance of the commercial world.

One should be satisfied with whatever he has attained, for discontent can never bring happiness. A person who is not self controlled will not be happy even with possessing the whole world.

The stay of happiness may be brief but it still has a string attached to the most cherished corner in your heart, and only you can allow it to mingle with your deeper self as, people are as happy as they make up their mind to be.

Conclusively, if we try reassuring ourselves about its existence and reconstruct happiness with just a few fragments based on needs rather than on desires, we’ll eventually also find it someday, somewhere. We just got to stop ourselves from being completely immune to its existence or looking for it in the wrong places.

Akanksha Mathur
Hey there! Can you see that girl with oversized frames and natural frown lines, who can be spotted in every heatedly good argument, which simply works as a magnificent workout for her brain. The one who needs to question everything and to give her opinion in every matter. And who is going to now pen down her buzzing ideas and thoughts on subkculture.
Well, guess what? That's me!

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