Overthinking won’t appear a mess on the surface – thinking is good, right?

“Think before you act” – We’ve heard the phrase since day 1 after we being granted decision-making powers. Believe me, when I say, there is a huge difference between thinking and overthinking. Dissecting every situation within a situation will do no good. It will ruin not just your mental health but physical health too. Everybody gives a thought or two while considering a subject but giving a damn about the smallest of things is an obstacle to your happiness and mental peace. The hardest- hitting habit that the world faces has gone on to become first world problems for quite a lot of people. The last sentence might sound absurd but that’s what we have been doing. Nobody wants to be hurt mentally but how will the happiness actually matter if all you got in life is pleasure and bliss. It’s always said, “the more difficulties and problems you face, the more strength you gain to become a strong person”. The answer to all the overthinking and hampering mental peace is to just Stay calm and Move Ahead. Overthinking should never be a path to depression.

The problem of expecting a lot, thinking a lot is something one should actually run away from. A person’s mental peace, which is what the healthy mind looks forward to is the key to solve the problem. The more you think, the more you lose on the happy moments in life. Let us give ourselves a mind without fear of what is going to happen next, a mind without the anxiety of yesterday and a mind that shall keep itself free from shackles of what will happen the next moment. There is no shame in suffering from a mental breakdown. You are stronger than your struggles. There is hope even when your brain tells there isn’t. The art of channelizing about what is important and what is not is one thing one must master. There is a fine line between worrying and overthinking and once a person moves away from this hurdle, one is said to have overpowered the overpowering thoughts. Jayson Engay is not wrong when he says,

“Don’t get too deep, it leads to overthinking, and over thinking leads to problems that don’t even exist in the first place.

Nonetheless, the problem existed, it exists and will continue to exist but it’s the composed mind that will change the circumstances. It is all about giving chances to oneself and that is when the subtle art of not giving a damn strike in and the hurricane mellows down. What remain shall be a peace of mind and the proper way of understanding situations. The overburdening stress and strain shall remain but it is the way of dealing with it that will overcome a disease of what we call Overthinking.

Vaibhavi Bhalerao
An avid reader of Indian writers. Musician trying to hold back the charm of classical music in the EDM world. Opnionated. Dreamer. A philosopher when not in need. An introvert who will pen down her thoughts through this platform. A mix of Joey and Rachael, but trying to be Phoebe. Busy fangirling Shantanu Maheshwari. A poet who writes once in a blue moon.

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