“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances”

These lines by Shakespeare have long capsulated the paramount phenomena around which our lives revolve. The very beginning of something leaves an inkling of its ending. What lasts today won’t last tomorrow, however, every journey, every beginning leaves behind a pool of memories that are capable of filling the void that gets created by its summation. Memories of love, elatedness, togetherness or the bittersweet memories of separation, angst, hatred, are what get keeps on filling in our memory box. Just as the seasons become the definition of change, time here becomes the ruler, and we become the people at the shore fighting the tides, oblivious to what will come with the next.

The end of the prolonged twelve years of school life metamorphosed us into a droplet lost in the sea, searching and figuring out the road to our dreams. This commenced the new chapter in our lives with us entering colleges the initial days being a topsy-turvy ride but gradually we managed imbibing the routine. Time surpassed and so did the fear and we ended crafting a whole raft of memories and lessons. I am often left startled thinking how places can turn into home, when initially every bit of the new life is no less than a toxic drink with time leaving that life and friends behind becomes the biggest huddle. I am currently in the final year of college and thus the lugubrious thoughts of this chapter coming to a halt leave my dismayed.

The day we walked through the doors of our college, the place seemed nothing less than a huge castle wrapped in desolation that called for memories. But soon with time it ended up being a place where we all belonged, and a place that construed our identity. The giggles that the walls resonated, the ruckus that the lunch scenes unfolded in the cafeterias, the fear that poured in during exams, the friendships built and the spirit of competition that oozed during fests and the much awaited vacations that appeared to end with a blink of an eye made these years to unravel the ardency and memories that they were bound to engender. The time now seems to be fading away, but what will remain are the emotions that float parallel to the events that constitute the ride and the memories that keep the emotions ignited.  

With the graduation journey coming to an end, what awaits is a new chapter that holds our bright future and the dreams that have been yearning to come true. This ending embarks a new beginning, where we will walk out of the doors of our University with plethora of memories brimming in our heart, with dreams in our eyes, and the world being our oyster.

Enlightening they are, agonizing they are

When one looks back from a distant time, memories they are.

Vedanshi Mishra
A movie enthusiast, a bibliophile and an ardent follower of Korean dramas. Talks more than she listens and sings even more. A radio in the age of ipods and polaroids in the age of digital. When no one is looking, found dreaming about RK and is always the most dogmatic one in the room. Fan of cliches and all things bollywood. Being a Literature graduate she believes in the power of Writing and Literature for dawning the darkest nights!

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