“She was only a prostitute, but she had the most innocent face I have ever come across”

A bitch, a whore, these are some of the words of honor given to a prostitute in India. The word itself is such disgraced in our society that it has found its place within the purview of abusive dialect. We all remember the BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh who faced a controversy by calling BSP leader Mayawati “worse than a prostitute”. What is the first image that has been created in your mind as soon as you listen that the next girl standing to you usually stands at red light areas? It is the matter of definite surety that you would question her character just because her profession demands her to sleep with different men. How is she wrong in performing out her professional accommodations?  A prostitute has all the rights to live a life with respect and she is as much covered under our constitution in the way any denizen is. Prostitutes are not slaves where you could own them. They are just discharging their duties which have been consented to, by them after allowing for professional services.

Let’s take an example; two people are in great need of money. The first one walks into a shop, shoots (kills) the owner and grabs all the cash. The second one, however, goes into prostitution serves her body and in consideration earns money. At the end who has a worse reputation? The first person’s mistakes would be forgotten after a while. As the way society has been built, the second one would have a worse reputation terming her a “whore”. She has to live with a mark of disgrace for her entire life. Most of the women who are in this profession are just because of impecuniosity which was killing them. To get out of such ill conditions, her will coerced her to sell her body for someone’s pleasure and to let anybody play with her as a human sex-doll. She has to be the wives of many but in reality of none because the society could not accept prostitute as someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s daughter.

Ever thought how life would have been when you were into such business and then you were defamed openly and all your basic rights are infringed? Feminists have achieved significant anti-violence legal reforms in the areas of domestic abuse, sexual harassment, and rape over the past three decades but they themselves have never shouted and asked for the rights of a prostitute. I think the wave of feminism is only a wave until it soothes media, culture and our so-called modern social society. It is a common practice that prostitutes are mistreated by the police officials, litigators, and many others. Certainly, there are also cases in which police officers have committed rape with the prostitutes and then a reason to such action was given that consent of the whores are secondary because they have already slept with many and sleeping with another won’t be an issue for them but this time they have to serve in free.

I think that the legalization of prostitution and ensuring every right to them will help the prostitutes to get a professional identity. Without having any prostitution laws in India, which has one of the biggest sex industry will continuously violate the fundamental rights guaranteed to every citizen in India.  By one count prostitution is an $8 billion a year industry with more two million prostitutes and 275,000 brothels. In another count in all of India, there are as many as 10 million commercial sex workers. Neglecting the rights of these millennials will be unfair and will only serve an injustice to them. Our traditional approach to the modern world will kill our society and an example would be set for the upcoming generations that Indians have only grown but had no growth.

Sahaj Baweja
He is just what a young man ought to be; romantic, sarcastic, and happily living in his own ideal state. He walks with a big smile on his face and with a witty sense of humor, itching to let the world get a taste. Sahaj loves poems. His poems are the passive voices of our heart. His words enacts what our hearts say.

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