Are you really in Love?

Love and Lust are purely different words but they are often used as a synonym to each other. The synonymous usage here does not mean their use in the world of jargons. The concept of synonym practice here refers to the realistic aspect of human life. Lust, in practical time, is just a euphemism for love. Similarly, the notion can be vice-versa. Both the concepts are abstruse in nature and rather needs a clarification of what the profound effect it has. You often roam or just walk in the gender-equal buzzing-streets of your city where you keep tindering your restless heart at just a glance of the other person. You try to generalize this phenomenon as love at first sight which is where you forgot the dictionary words like affection or likeness. The first word that comes into your head is Love. You don’t need to criticize me because most of you have encountered such an outburst of reflexive emotions often from the opposite sex through texts, letters, or maybe if a rose in an extreme case.

Two world- Two stories- Two questions- Two ideologies

Love and lust share a very thin line of separation. Consider a wall in a center which divides the world into sides; left and right. On the left side, you numerous humans calling themselves as the true lovers. On asking one of them about what according to you love is, ‘he said love is an intense passion for the other soul. You feel connected to her every emotion, action, reaction and whatever you can name of.’ Asking the second question to the same passionate soul about how he expresses his love? ‘He answered that we have sexual intimacy and we are with each other at both good and bad times. Also, I keep expressing my love to her on the verbal note as well as I bring gifts for her.’
The second side or the right side of the wall has comparatively few humans. Certainly, they never called themselves mad in love. The same questions were asked to one of the people who was on that part. To the very first answer, he chose to remain silent and asked the other person to also remain quiet for some time. He asked the questioner to close his eyes and think of the most beautiful thing he can imagine. After five minutes when the questioner asked the person to now answer the question, the person laughed and said that’s what love is. The questioner in a diffused and tensed state asked the person to let him enlighten in words. The person laughed and said that love is dark and bright at the same time. “Love can be as beautiful as the image you created in your mind in that dark background whereas love can be as bright as those scorching rays of the sun directly entering into your eyes and making your vision dark.” It is on the humans to nurture love in their own way.
Questioner with an amusing smile asked the second question on the ways he expresses his love. The person just answered a word; EYES. He said your eyes are the messenger of emotions. In a span of a few seconds, it can tell how much love you have for the other person. “You don’t have to express love every time. Love never happens in isolation; it’s a beautiful connection.”

Are you clear now?

There is no second-thought or confusion for us to decipher which side is actually the side of Love and Lust. The beautiful terminology of Love is used as a vague synonym for words like- affection, friends with benefits, hook-ups, fondness etc. the interpretation of the word “Love” has been broader in such a way that you at least fall in love ten times a day without even thinking what actually love is. There is no harm in using the word love unless you end up criticizing love for everything when such a thing never existed between you and them.

Next time whenever you say that I am madly in love with that person, at least think once what love for you mean rather just misrepresenting and criticizing love again.
Sahaj Baweja
He is just what a young man ought to be; romantic, sarcastic, and happily living in his own ideal state. He walks with a big smile on his face and with a witty sense of humor, itching to let the world get a taste. Sahaj loves poems. His poems are the passive voices of our heart. His words enacts what our hearts say.

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