Equality, pride, acceptance, rights; these are undoubtedly some of the traits women are demanding under the heading of women empowerment. Certainly, you’ll find an article every day in the newspaper which talks about women empowerment and the issues concerning related to that. Mere interpretation of these articles is that the ideology and the customary gap that has been created during the numerous centuries are required to be filled urgently. The society out there is acting as a catalyst to make this notion, a reality in itself. Any revolution couldn’t take place overnight and ideally, it requires time to achieve. Women empowerment is one of the issues which is on the same track and further acting as a powerful voice to the freedom of women.


Women empowerment was always a burning issue in our India. We can find the roots from the heated debates that took place in the constituent assembly where Constitution later safeguarded the provisions for the women leading to the current #MeToo movement where Twitter acted as a platform to report the sexual harassment cases. There is a false myth that India is not recognizing the spirit that women empowerment carries in it. Preferably, if a country is ruled by a single family for thousands of years and suddenly one of the other families declares of contesting the position to rule the kingdom; eventually the war will take place causing distress. Same is the condition in the contemporary scenario. Earlier the command of the sovereign was totally dominated by the male-society negating the women gender.

The minority of women got their rights late in the 19th century and undoubtedly the other in 20th and 21st century. Our constitution ensured the rights to the women because it took in consideration that the women of India had gone through negative discrimination in past and further it is an essential element of democratic government to remodel and upgrade their status to the extent of equality. The backing can be found by reading the provisions in Article 14 and Article 15 read with Article 12 of the Constitution of India which reflects the thinking of our constitution makers and taking into consideration every aspect what a prudent human can think of. These provisions were recognized keeping in mind the fact that the women have been socially and economically handicapped for centuries and this all led to less participation in the socio-economic activities of the nation on a footing of equality. Undoubtedly, the need for empowering the entire women fraternity was whole-heartedly accepted since 1947.


Women out in the world are still considered as a mere legal object. Either they are objectified as subordinate reproduction unit or are asked to exist and breathe but with certain precautions in order to protect themselves. The freedom to express is given but the freedom to the medium of expression is still in the hands of the dominating regime. There is no sense of giving a voice to the person who has been locked into a dark isolated room. Half freedom is in no sense better if it’s bottled up with the tag of half restriction. In fact, writing key philosophical terms in the preamble of the constitution won’t mean the same if a society including government fails to interpret and implement that in the reality. Women fraternity wants that the freedom should be given to them without any restrictions and interference. The rights are ensured but the implementation is still in the process which requires utmost importance. The farrago of distorted concept of equality can lead to an intentional accident of ‘democratic freedom’ where the suffocated society will have no option than to surrender their rights to a totalitarian state. Women empowerment is not just an ideology but a motion itself which has now become a ‘want’ for that part of the society who had been victims of the partisan views for many centuries.


Women empowerment can be said as a luxury for those women who have always lived in the closed spaces, who have always seen the world living behind the purdahs and for those women too who have been tortured by the forced acceptance of the customs. Women empowerment is a euphemism of women luxury. The reasoning to this is not an abstruse concept. Going back to the historical changes can lead to answering the doubts. Women are that gender who was in past not even entitled to breathe before taking permission and certainly, introducing the same to the concept of equal rights will obviously act as a matter of luxury to them. Empowerment is crucial for a society and is one of the pillars which protect the nation from falling. Any person who is subjected to discrimination should use the ideology of empowerment to get what they deserve. Women empowerment is one of the most powerful revolutionary ideologies that is stabilizing and re-sensitizing the distressed theory of equality.

Sahaj Baweja
He is just what a young man ought to be; romantic, sarcastic, and happily living in his own ideal state. He walks with a big smile on his face and with a witty sense of humor, itching to let the world get a taste. Sahaj loves poems. His poems are the passive voices of our heart. His words enacts what our hearts say.

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