Cristiano Ronaldo’s surprising transfer to Turin based club Juventus for €100m has been the talk of the summer after the world cup. The transfer has come as a surprise to all the fans and the pundits with everyone in the footballing world wondering why Ronaldo had left his previous club Real Madrid after winning his third consecutive champions league.

Ronaldo had won every possible accolade with all of the previous teams he’s played for. That includes both Personal and team honor He had proved his mettle in both Manchester United and Real Madrid where he won a combined of five ballon d’ or and five champions league as well as Premier League and La Liga. That’s some trophy cabinet, huh.

So it’s obvious that the Portuguese wanted a new challenge to prove himself even further.

“Usually players of my age go to Qatar or to China, with all due respect, so coming to such an important and outstanding club at this point in my career make me very happy.”

This is an excerpt from his press conference after coming to Juventus. This is the mindset of someone who’s not afraid of impediments and new challenges and whose appetite for success hasn’t satiated yet even at the age of 33.

The biggest winners from this deal are Juventus. Within 24 hours of the official announcement of his transfer, the Italian club sold around 520,000 shirts with Cristiano’s name on them. If that seems to be an exaggeration, wait before I tell you that the club sold around 800,000 shirts in the whole 2017-18 season. They also added one million followers on Twitter in a single night.

Apart from a financial standpoint, Juve has secured a player who has scored a record 450 goals in 438 matches for Los Blancos. He’s also the top scorer in Champions League with 115 goals. His experience in the competition is one of the things Juventus would want to capitalize on if they want to compete in the Champions league as well as Serie A.

Ronaldo could prove vital for the Old Lady in the Champions league as not many teams have been able to stop Cristiano from reaching his beast mode in Europe’s most prestigious competition. Besides that, Juventus are suffering from a poor run in UCL where they were defeated in the final by Ronaldo’s previous club Real and were again stunned by the European champions last season when Real showed them the back door again.

If Cristiano maintains to continue his exploits for his new parent club, he may well become one of the legends in Turin. Time will tell whether the Portuguese talisman lives up to the hype and bolsters the squad even further. But one thing sure, his arrival would send shockwaves around the opposition in Italy and if the reports are right, he may even be joined by his Ex-coach in the form of Zinedine Zidane who may take the position of sporting manager at  Juventus.

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