The transfer of one of the greatest players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo to Italian club Juventus marks the start of an era for the Serie A which could see the return of its lost glory. The transfer of the former Real Madrid star is a positive sign for both Juventus and the Italian league as it would help attract the attention of the world towards the Serie A.

Serie A used to be one of the best leagues in the 2000’s when players like Ronaldo Nazario, Nedved, Zinedine Zidane and Paolo Maldini graced it. Teams such as Inter and AC Milan used to compete for the champions league giving tough competition to other Europeans heavyweights. The league also produced various Balon d’or winners in the form of Zidane and Kaka.

But as the time passed, Serie A lost its shine and other leagues such as Premier league and La Liga took its throne to become the two most popular and followed leagues. The dominance of the Italian clubs in Europe faded away. Serie A stopped attracting talent as it stooped to its demise. In the past decade, Inter Milan remains the only Italian club to win the Champions League when they won the treble under Jose Mourinho in 2010. On the other hand, La Liga alone has produced the last five Champions League winners starting from Real Madrid in 2013-14 season when Los Blancos won their most coveted La Decima.

This stark difference between the top leagues and Serie A is evident from stats such as these. But with the arrival of Ronaldo, the tables could turn. This move can help Serie A restore the lost glory. It could again become the greatest league in the world and regain the status it once used to possess. The prospect of Serie A regaining its lost glory would be fortified even further if Juventus along with Cristiano Ronaldo manage to win the Champions League.

After Juventus’ swoop for Ronaldo, their cross-rivals Inter made their move for Real Madrid’s Luka Modric who was the Golden Ball winner in Russia. If Inter can pull out something from this, it would bolster the Serie A even further thereby attracting even more talent from all over the world even though the deal looks difficult as Modric is still in contract with Madrid. This approach by Inter goes on to show the swelling competition in the Italian league.

Clubs such as Napoli, AS Roma and AC Milan made a number of summer signings with AS Roma acquiring interesting prospects such as Justin Kluivert, Ante Coric and Javier Pastore. Napoli made a managerial change with the veteran Carlo Ancelotti replacing Maurizio Sarri who made his way to Chelsea.

If the Italian clubs want to compete at the Europe’s grandest stage again make Serie A great again, they might want to continue the kind of business they did in this years summer transfer window. Once they do that, the Serie A might just come under the banner of ‘best leagues’.

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