Internet may be the La La Land for all of us, but the truth is; this virtual-ity is nothing less than a gargantuan trap. We all have been advised how to keep our information safe and secure on the internet at some point or the other and some of us have ignored the risks too. Letting your information on such a platform is not riskless of course, as it invites the Alexanders to invade and encroach. Gone are the days of industrial revolution and human – asset creation, these are times of ‘data-being-the-asset’ and the exposure of data out on a platform like the world wide web only opens up to more and more risks.

Worry not! This article by ExpressVPN is everything you would want to know about improving your digital security.

Vaishnavi Agrawal
Carrying a soft spot for both art and artists, Vaishnavi happens to be a dreamer by day and writer by night. She is hopelessly romantic and a voracious foodie, rarest of its type.
Poetry, music and coffee are the three things she lives for.
She believes that we all are lost because we are free.

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